Motorola Fire XT311

Motorola Fire takes the concept design qwerty touch bar. With dimensions of 116.5 x 58 x 13.5 and weighs 110 grams.

Only 2.8-inch screen size, not too big to navigate the touch screen though, but this phone provides a path through the input of physical qwerty keyboard. Advantage of the keyboard, which is designed rough so convenient to use, the distance between the keys is made quite tenuous.
To sweeten the appearance, on the side of the body is made of silver color with the texture list spots. On the list there is a chain of volume buttons, camera button, power button on / off, microUSB port, and on the upper side there is a 3.5 mm audio port. While the camera lens and speaker holes found on the back cover.

Motorola Fire has 5 homescreen options, despite carrying the portrait screen design, equipped with a fire screen accelerometer and proximity sensor technologies. The screen can also support the operation of the multi-touch. Behind it, the main advantage of this phone lies in the availability of feature dual on GSM-GSM, this feature makes the Motorola Fire is very fitting to the needs and tastes in developing countries. As usual, SIM 1 is designed for connection to line 3G/HSDPA connection.

This phone was already using the platform Android Gingerbread (version 2.3), so that its menu is not outdated. For the music business, but there is provision to the music player feature, there is also an FM radio, and internet radio via Shoutcast Radio app. Especially for the application of music video, you will be directly linked to YouTube, and are searching to video by artist and song title.

Motorola Fire carries a single camera with 3.2 MP resolution, the features shown on camera standards are spelled out, in fact there is no LED flash.

  • Processor : 600 MHzm Adreno 200 GPU Qualcomm MSM7227-1 Chipset
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  • Qwerty Keyboard and touch screen
  • 116,5 x 58 x 13,5 mm
    100 gram
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