Opera Mini is a fast internet browser for all brands and types of Smartphone

Opera Mini is one of my favorite mobile internet browser. The advantages of this browser is fast and lightweight and can be installed in almost any brand and type of Smartphone. such as Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, etc..

Opera Mini may not support flash images and some javascript, but Opera Mini is able to display the page of a website faster than other mobile browsers that can display full web pages. In other words, opera mini browser will be very useful if you want to read articles or news on the internet, faster without annoying ads.

How to get Opera Mini:
1. Make sure the Smartphone GPRS/internet wifi active
2. Go to http://mini.opera.com using your smartphone default browser
3. mini.opera.com page will automatically detect the type smartphone and suggest a suitable version
4. Download the application, and install.
5. Good luck

* You also can choose another version in which if suitable for your smartphone
* Some types of cell phones that do not have the application manager / application installer may not be installed by opera mini application

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