Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio

Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio

Plug in MW600’s sound enhancing ear buds. Hit play. And jam! Close deals in the park. Stay in touch while you tan. Make the day yours! Pair your phone and PC. Grab a cup of coffee. Clip on MW600. And chat the day away.

Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio - Rock to the radio. Groove to your tunes. Network. Gossip. While you’re hands are free to do as they please.

Enjoy exceptional on-the-go audio. Join the wireless revolution. Discover MW600. Walk off your worries. Leave your phone home. Tune into your favourite radio channel. And get your groove on. Crank up The Cure. Jam to Jack Johnson. On the tube. At the park. Anywhere your feet take you.
Great compact sleek sexy unit. Worth the price in my opinion. Volume control is different and should have been thought through a bit more but does not detract from the overall utility of this unit. Battery, pairing, and functionality works as described in product description/literature.
I love this BT unit! I have been searching for something like this for a long time. I like to buy things that can provide utility in more ways than one. This one seems like it can fit the bill. This is my first experience with a Sony Ericsson product.

  • Small

  • light weight

  • No complaints, everyone hears me okay

  • Volume is okay/loud

  • Discreet  

  • Clip has "teeth" which grip clothing better

  • Battery life is great, long lasting...I ran 6-7 hours at work non stop listening to music...battery still read full

  • Headphones sounds nice, compared to Skullcandy's Full Metal Jackets. The FMJs have a bit better range/sound but the shorter cord of the Sony's make up for it. I'm NOT a audiophile but I was able to tell the difference.

  • The next/pause-start/previous/power buttons work great

  • Pairing was a non event to a Blackberry 8320

  • The volume control is a bit different. Its a small unit so there aren't many places to grab it, mostly you wind up grabbing it by the sides where the volume control is and at times, you may move the volume a bit. If the volume moves alot, you may be fondling the unit too much

  • The ear buds are hard to grasp at times as they are small, rounded and smooth. (not a big deal)

  • The cord from the left ear to the 3.5mm jack could have been a tad longer. (not a big deal)
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Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio

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