Waterproof Case for Apple Iphone 4, 4s - Also Works with Ipod Touch, Iphone

Waterproof Case for Apple Iphone 4, 4s - Also Works with Ipod Touch, Iphone 3g, 3gs, & Other Smartphones - Ipx8 Certified to 100 Feet

Product Description

The case seems very amazing in my part. This waterproof case is IPX8 Qualified to 100 toes (30m). With 2 protected snapss at the top, your system will be protected all day whether you are boating, calming on the seaside, enjoying water sports, or consuming near water. The case has 2 obvious factors so you can still use the image taking ; videos abilities of your cellphone without stressing about prospective harm. A throat lanyard it provided. Made Store Appearance so it's ideal for a gift! Many mobile cellphone devices (with conventional cases) will fit into the waterproof case so there is no need to be regularly eliminating your fashionable case when using the waterproof case!

Technical Details

  • IPX8 Certified to 100 feet (30 meters) - 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Crystal Clear Window on both sides, perfect for taking pictures or videos
  • Universal size fits any cell phones, digital cameras or mp3 players
  • This case provides waterproof protection for your smartphone while maintaining full touch screen functionality.
  • With a simple snap and lock access, this easy to use product provides all the protection you will need

Customer Reviews

I purchased two of these for our annual trip to the beach with our girls and grandchildren. We wanted to have our phones on the beach and not worry about ruining a $200 plus smart phone. Everyone wanted to use them. You could easily use the phone inside the pouch and the pictures came out clear. Glare was not a problem and having it around your neck was also a plus. My husband plans on using it for fishing and when he is working outdoors. Great for not having to worry about getting caught in the rain, getting soaked by grandchildren or tubing. We plan on purchasing one for each of the kids.

Just got my new Water Proof case and decided to check it out. The iPhone 4 does fit in the case with a bump case installed, but it really isn't the best design. The case was designed for a smaller device that is not as long the iPhone 4 even without a case on the phone. There are no instructions, not that it needs much, but it doesn't have any. I put the phone with the home button at the bottom and realized that is not correct. The home button of bottom of the phone is at the top of the case opening. This way the camera will work, otherwise it is covered by the black part of the case. Had they made the clear part bigger you could load the phone from either end. My guess is they were to cheap to change the mold! I guess since they feel you will be wearing it with the lanyard attached the you will flip the phone up the see who's calling you so loading it that way would make sense. The home button is covered a little by the black part of the case. The clear part works very well to touch, slide or type on the phone. Much better than I expected. Even though I'm a diver, I don't have plans to test the 100ft rating. I will say it appear very water proof and should work out fine for my needs. I wanted to be able to see/use my phone on the dive boat and make sure it didn't get wet. I feel this will do the job and would have given it 5 stars if the clear part of the case was the correct length for iPhone 4. If you're planning to be on a boat or at the beach this would be a good case. It's also very easy to open and close so if you are in a dry place and need to pop the phone out it can be done quickly.

Waterproof Case for Apple Iphone 4, 4s - Also Works with Ipod Touch, Iphone 3g, 3gs, & Other Smartphones - Ipx8 Certified to 100 Feet

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